What is [Re]build?


We are committed to helping low-income people and communities and respect their integrity, strengths, and assets.  We strengthen lives, homes, and communities.

We work in partnership with neighborhoods, involving residents in all aspects of our work.  We value collaboration with other groups who share similar goals.  

We believe in quality planning, delivery, and evaluation of our services.  

We believe in inclusiveness, and seek to promote a diversity that is reflective of our communities.  

We recognize the uniqueness of each affiliate and their community and respect local flexibility and creativity in decision making and service delivery.  

Volunteers delivering no-cost services on National Rebuilding Day is our core initiative and our common denominator, along with the cost-effective leveraging of donated materials, supplies and labor.


[Re]pairing Homes of families, seniors, people with disabilities and victims of disasters. We are dedicated.


[Re]vitalizing Communities where we live, work and learn. We are devoted.  

[Re]building Lives through raising awareness of the housing problems facing 1.65 million of our neighbors in need across the country. We are determined.


Our vision is to create safe homes and communities for everyone.


Our Impact

​Rebuilding Together New Britain is a local affiliate of Rebuilding Together, which has over 100 affiliates nationwide.

Become a [Re]builder

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